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Common Heart Conversations in Collaboration with the Interfaith Center's Alternative Spring Break!

The Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia is one awesome organization. Of their many offerings, they host college students for an alternative Spring break experience of interreligious learning. This year one of the college groups was six students from Davidson College. On March 8th the Common Heart Project got to offer a workshop to them as part of their experience. They participated in one-on-one Common Heart conversations with each other. It was the first time the Common Heart Project got to host a multi-conversation event! I have a feeling it won't be the last.

It was very cool to get to offer these students a structure for talking about their own path of faith and listening to another's. They were each authentic and open about their experiences and journeys of belief. You could label them all as "Christian" but you'd miss the richness of each of their experiences. The six of them bring 6+ different denominational experiences to the conversations: Baptist, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Evangelical, Lutheran, Quaker, and Methodist to name a few. College-age is a pivotal time of questioning and choosing what we believe. Listen to and enjoy each of these conversations which serve up exactly what the Common Heart Project aims to offer: windows into the reality of lived spiritual ideas for individuals. My thanks goes to each of them for participating and to the Interfaith Center for welcoming the Common Heart Project into their program and hosting the conversations.  

For the event, I had along with me my A-team of support for the Common Heart Project: Chris Dunn, Luke Frazier, and Sasha Silverman. Each of them are super enthusiastic about the vision of the Common Heart Project and we had a great time adventuring to Philadelphia and facilitating the conversations at the Interfaith Center.


This was a great learning experience for how to support others in having honest conversations about faith. This initial event laid some ground work for the possibility of hosting other Common Heart Project events for faith communities or simply for those interested in talking to someone from a different faith than their own. I have many ideas and am excited about making them happen!

Luke Frazier runs the WHY Blog and WHY Vlog. He brought along equipment and put together a great video documenting our time with the Davidson College students at the Interfaith Center.

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