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Two New Conversations!

Two new conversations are up on the website!

Jane Isaacs Lowe is an Episcopalian who has developed a strong mindfulness practice that is a source of centering in her life. When describing what she believes, she went immediately to a verse in Micah. Her words have stayed with me. She said,

“There’s a verse from Micah that says what the Lord asks of you is to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. And that sort of for me is what religion is really about. Those three things: its about doing justice, being merciful, kind, and walking humbly. So that’s I think how I’ve more recently come to my own understanding of religion…Its simple. It’s not too complicated. And its also not that easy to do. It sounds lovely, its a great phrase, a great Biblical verse, but its hard to do that, its really hard to do that.”
 Jane & Chelsea

We delved into the mystery of sensing the presence of loved ones beyond the veil while not entirely understanding what the afterlife or spiritual world is really like. Our conversation nourished my soul as I hope it will yours!

“I do really believe that people do get touched by those who’ve gone before them, in lots of different ways, but you have to be receptive to that.” —Jane

“It’s interesting how present that reality, I think, really is—right there, and we’re walking around with it all the time and yet we can be so far from it in state.” —Chelsea

Listen to Jane and my conversation.

My conversation with Nahid is a celebration of the simplicity and beauty of life, even amidst the unavoidable hardship involved. Nahid shares about her life and the support she's felt from loved ones who have passed on. I loved getting to hear about the Baha'i Faith from her. Our conversation affirmed for me how heavenly truth transcends religions, or put another way, that truth is the form of love. Nahid and I grew up in two different countries, cultures, and faiths, and yet I felt a deep affinity in our spiritual beliefs. Here are some gems Nahid shared in our conversation:

“There’s a solution to every problem, turning to God or turning away from God.”
“Let’s say, hypothetically, God is light, because light is life-giving. The sun is rising and then you go to the closet, close the door, and it’s dark and you complain, 'It’s so dark!' For heaven’s sake, open the door! The sun is shining! …That's the choice that we’re making.”
“Make me a hollow reed through which the pith of self has been blown.” (A Baha'i prayer)
Chelsea OdhnerComment