The Common Heart Project

Conversation Perspectives

Six Distinct Christian Experiences


College Conversations

Six students from Davidson College participated in a Common Heart Project conversation event as part of their alternative Spring break with the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. Many thanks to the Interfaith Center for welcoming the Common Heart Project into their program and for hosting the event!


Clay & Shanice

Clay and Shanice both are aligned with different denominations currently than the ones they were raised in. Listen as they talk about how their faith has evolved and the principles they've come to value most today.

Benson & Catherine

Benson and Catherine's conversation affirms the idea that faith is a journey and that even when we grapple with some elements from the faith we were raised in, that doesn't mean we can't cherish others. Perhaps a healthy faith is like a plant, flexible as it grows, bending toward the light--what makes the most sense and has the most warmth--and strengthened by the wind.

N. Glover & K. Colwell

Both from strongly devout families in different denominations, Nadia and Kalashya are walking the path of making their faith their own. With humility and inquisitiveness, they share honestly about their experiences and the parts of their faith that have helped them through hard times the most.