The Common Heart Project

Br. Deen & Chelsea

Reviving Tradition, Our Idea of God, & Living from Love

Questions explored:

The value and risk of beliefs: “Seeing how people use religion to hurt and offend other people, in your understanding of religion, is their justification for people doing that?”

Confronting issues of gender and race in images of God: How do you grapple with an image of God if you don’t resemble the personification you’re being offered?

Paralleling Quranic and Swedenborgian-Christian teachings: Can we live toward a vision of all people of faith having a common core that transcends ideology?  

Conversation Partners

Br. Deen, Muslim American
Chelsea Odhner, Swedenborgian

“Being a Muslim, meaning one who submits their will to God—in Arabic, Allah—we have a practice that we do that is similar to a ritual…which is called Dhikr, which actually means to think or to reflect or to remember, and we go over the attributes of God. Growing up we were taught that God had over 99 names and we would learn those…For example one of the names of God is called The Trusting One…or in times of difficulty, The One Who Restores.” —Br. Deen