The Common Heart Project
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Welcome to The Common Heart Project

Spiritual diplomacy for human connection.


The value is in the conversation itself. 

The Common Heart Project is a form of spiritual diplomacy that works to create safe spaces for the exchange of spiritual ideas and human connection. It's a movement promoting interreligious conversation and mutual understanding. The purpose is to give people windows into the reality of lived spiritual ideas.


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If we reflect upon our self from the viewpoint of others, or allow others to reflect upon us, and to say what we are like, then for the first time we are able to know our self. Otherwise we can never learn, but remain in our own illusions, and from them, reflect upon others.
— Emanuel Swedenborg

Each conversation

follows a structure conducive to spiritual reflection and connection. 

  1. Place ourselves - we'll each take a couple minutes to describe our past and present with regard to faith/religion/spirituality.
  2. Get real - we'll go back and forth asking each other some "getting real" questions. This is to bring the conversation from ideas to lived experience, where the rubber hits the road.
  3. Exchange - once we've "gotten real" we're going to take turns each responding to the question, "What is one idea particular or core to your faith/worldview/spirituality that really helps you?"
  4. New thought - the freedom we have to change is rooted in our ability to have a new thought. We each share a new thought we've had from the conversation.
  5. Closing comment

Guiding ideas

help set the intention for every conversation.

  • Faith or spiritual understanding is an incredibly personal thing and we are stepping onto holy ground together.
  • There is personal and public value in reflection.
  • The basis for having these conversations is the acknowledgment that we have something in common, often more than we realize.
  • The intent is for this to be a safe space for being ourselves and being witnessed, engaging in honest reflection.
  • The only requirement is to have an openness to the conversation: a willingness to share honestly about our beliefs, and a willingness to learn something from the other.
  • There is no agenda other than to have had the conversation and shared in spiritual reflection with each other.
  • We’re allowed to disagree and strong feelings may arise. We can take notice of these and use these for our own further reflection within ourselves while holding respect for the other for stepping onto holy ground with us and being willing to share honestly.