The Common Heart Project

Jane & Chelsea

Grief, Sensing the Spiritual World, & the Hard Work of Love


Jane shares wisdom about grieving the physical loss of loved ones and slowly, gradually coming to sense that a connection is still there. Perhaps even our grieving itself is a spiritual tool for bonding our spirits with the loved ones we've lost.

“Once you begin to grieve the physical loss, you begin to feel that that person’s spirit moves into you in some way, but you can’t really do that until you grieve the physical loss.” —Jane

Are our loved ones who've died really still around us? Jane describes thin spaces and we discuss our own power in choosing to tune into or make space for a heightened sense of connection. It’s not going to be Hollywood style visitation, but its palpable in an inner way.

Conversation Partners

Jane Isaacs Lowe, Episcopalian
Chelsea Odhner, Swedenborgian