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Marion & Chelsea

Sacred Scripture, Dance, & Redemption

What does Midrash and a Swedenborgian hermeneutic have in common? A deep reverence for the text and its personal relevance, that's for sure.

We explore from both a Jewish and a Swedenborgian perspective the question, "How can you have a trustworthy interpretation of scripture?"

Marion opens my eyes to Movement Midrash: using bibliodrama and arts modalities as an entry into text.

Conversation Partners

Marion Yager Hamermesh, Jewish
Chelsea Odhner, Swedenborgian

"That’s what I love in the text, is that when you read it deeply, you see that there’s no expectation of being perfect. There’s no moral—it’s not straight and narrow…All the sacrificial rites which make our eyes glaze over, and it seems just so ancient, but the point of them is, you mess up and you confront it, and you deal with it. So you have to look at that system and say that it’s really humane. That’s what I love about digging into the text, is that it gives you a sense of what the religion means, about what it means to be religious as opposed to some superficial idea." —Marion