The Common Heart Project

Scott & Chelsea

Grace, Divine Providence, & the Interplay Between Ideas & Reality

We explore the grace principle and divine providence. What does it mean for our dark times if we can never really be outside of God? We need to dig deeper than appearances.

Scott was raised in Siddha Yoga, in an ashram environment with a guru, and continues to utilize the teachings and rituals that were part of his early life. We explore the notion that we are all connected in this world, beyond the cliché: how our thoughts, feelings, and actions have real affect on others’, and how becoming aware of this could change the way we approach each day and the turmoil of our times. 

Conversation Partners

Scott Marmorstein, Spiritual
Chelsea Odhner, Swedenborgian

“I feel very geared toward humanism…and how I’m going to constantly work on myself to reflect the kind of person that I want to be…All of the spiritual components of my earlier life are pieces of myself that have informed how I want to interact as a human being with another human being—and I find that’s got the most value to me at this stage of the game.” —Scott